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Bring the Fresh insider review

Is the program a Breath of Fresh air or a real stinker?

Bring The Fresh is an Internet Marketing program created by successful internet marketers Kelly Felix and Mike Long back in the Summer of 2010 . The aim of the program  is to guide you through step-by-step video guides to help you build successful online businesses on a limited budget. The program aimed at beginner although there is content of value for the experienced marketer. I have to say, I found that Bring The Fresh is really a breath of fresh air! You are not going to see any huge hype, but you will learn a ton of information about how to make great niche websites, get ranked in Google, and much much more. I have read through numerous reviews on the product, the overall consensus is that this product is worth every buck and you should never have to buy another course or guide in order to make money online.

One of the biggest steps to making your first few pounds or dollars online is taking action! You can watch videos till the cows come home, but if you don’t take action you will never see that first pound or dollar. Bring The Fresh got me to finally take action and start making affiliate websites and work hard to get them ranked in Google. When you watch over Kelly’s shoulder as he literally builds a website and then you Google that website to see it really is ranked in Google for the targeted keyword it drives you to take action. You simply can’t fake anything when it comes to Google rankings; on the other hand I have seen a few websites fake Click Bank earnings.

If you are not familiar with either here is a little background on Kelly, Kelly was the creator of the “Rich Jerk” and Mike was the brainchild behind “Stompernet“. In addition they have both these men have had success outside of internet marketing, with Kelly topping Google’s pages with his “Credit Repair” (There is some additional detail on this e-Book on the latest (Bring the Fresh sales page), Mike used a YouTube video (The Mystery Method) to earn himself a million dollar business in the dating industry.

How much and what you get?

There are two access levels, Basic which costs a one off fee of $97 for a lifetime membership to Bring The FreshKelly and Mike, try there very best to be unlike any other internet marketing site out there. Contributing actively to the forum:

What I mean is, there are a number of fundamental ideas that create the backbone of the site:

1) They don’t lie
2) They don’t sell their customers down the river (filled with piranhas)
3) They don’t burn & churn prospects and customer lists

How do I know this?
Well I am a customer and believe me the methods and advice they outline on the site work. I can’t say I make thousands of dollars online every month but slowly but surly I am building a credible portfolio of affiliate sites, with help from the advice I got from the Bring the Fresh site. For full details on the fundamentals behind Bring the Fresh check out this article on Kelly’s website (being honest is not profitable).

Once you are on the other side and a Basic lifetime member you can upgrade to a full disclosure membership which costs $67 for 6 months and for that you receive even more exclusive content and insights into the strategy’s and methods Kelly and Mike use.

And the mystery prize? – Will It make me money?

Forget it if you are after a get rich quick scheme? If you are prepared to put the hours in and work hard and follow the Bring The Fresh program there is a very good chance that you might succeed will the program will help you to learn core skills and gain an understanding of how to make a healthy long term passive income using the system and work for yourself from home.